Tell us a little more about yourself, Connor.


Bio Questions:


1- First Name last initial?

1-a- Short Bio.

2- Where you are from (City/State) - Where you live now (City/State)?

3- What is your role in Populace Gaming?

4- What made you want to raise money for charity?

5- How long have you been raising money for charity?

6- Favorite Game to play and stream?( 2 answers)

7- What is a goal you have for the year outside of charity fundraising?

8- What goal do you have for yourself for the Team

9- How do you want people to remember you?

10- How much money have you raised for charity over the last 5 years?

11- What drives you to continue to raise money? (Short Answer)


1- Connor P

 1-a- Game Developer, Digital Games Marketer, Web Maestro, The Funniest Person You've Met

2- Los Angeles Area, California

3-Co-Founder, Business Development, Web Manager

4- I figured I am already playing games and having fun with it, why not take it to the next level and play games to raise money for good causes.

5-4 years, I started raising money with Extra Life and am now with Populace Gaming

6- The Bioshock Series

7- Improve my skills in my craft

8- To use my skills in web development and marketing to push PG to the next level

9- I would people to remember me for my tenure in this field and the contributions I have made leading to more money raised for good causes. 

10- I have raised $1,000 for the Children’s Hospital Los Angeles and Extra-Life.org. 

11- While my efforts aren't directly related to streaming and having facetime with the community, being able to work in the background has given me the opportunity to drive myself to make sure the team is set up to succeed. Nothing makes me happier than seeing the sick kids at CHLA benefit from our efforts. The kids are what its all about. They are my driving force for all that I do for Populace Gaming.