Our Vision

Igniting the spark in those who want to change the world.


There is no secret room. There is not magic potion. There is no reset button or save point. We have to be the ones to help save the next generation of children. We do it one stream at a time. One passionate word at a time. We do not wait for luck to find us, we make sure we find it. We get out of our comfort zone and find a way to let others, who may be looking for a guiding light, know they too can be a voice for good, a champion of change. We will never stop fighting for those who can not fight for themselves.

Together with the help of our communities, both online and in person, we are changing the face of Charitable Gaming. Lets ignite the spark the fire in the world that allows people to get out of their comfort zone and step into the forefront of change and charitable gaming.


Brent Sanchez

                                             The Crown of Populace Gaming

                                             The Crown of Populace Gaming