Tell us a little more about yourself, Brian.


Bio Questions:


1- First Name last initial?

1-a- Short Bio.

2- Where you are from (City/State) - Where you live now (City/State)?

3- What is your role in Populace Gaming?

4- What made you want to raise money for charity?

5- How long have you been raising money for charity?

6- Favorite Game to play and stream?( 2 answers)

7- What is a goal you have for the year outside of charity fundraising?

8- What goal do you have for yourself for the Team

9- How do you want people to remember you?

10- How much money have you raised for charity over the last 5 years?

11- What drives you to continue to raise money? (Short Answer)

Bio Answers:


1- Brian M

1-a- I like to think of myself as a gamer with a cause. Ever since i was a kid, and i was given a controller to play games on our NES, i was hooked. There was always something about playing video games that just captivated my mind. As i got older and games got better, there was literally nothing that could stop me from running home from school to start playing games, Now as an adult I have all these responsibilities that i didn't have before, but gaming is always something i can do to unwind and relax. I have been lucky enough to find a group of people that feel the same way I do and we can make a little difference for people.

2- Inglewood, CA

3- Streamer and Coordinator

4-What really got me into raising money for Charity was Rooster Teeth. One year i saw them Organize a 24hr gaming event to raise money for childrens hospitals. The moment i heard about this i knew it was something I had to do. I was already playing games, why not play games and do some good at the same time.

5- This will be my 5th year raising money for charity.

6- Favorite Game- Legend of Zelda Series, never a let down.  Favorite game to stream is Fortnite

7- I really love to travel and to go to new places. If i could go to a new city,state, or country; that would be amazing.

8- My goal for the team is to make sure we can provide amazing content for our community. Which i hope that means that our community will continue to grow and we can really do some amazing things.

9- Dependable / Reliable. I take much pride in knowing that people out there can rely on me if they need something. I am usually the first one for people in their time of need, and i take pride in that.

10- Probably a little over 2000

11- I have been doing something that i love for many years. Learning that i could do something for people that really need assistance is all the motivation i need.