Tell us a little more about yourself, Brent.


Bio Questions:


1- First Name last initial?

1-a- Short Bio.

2- Where you are from (City/State) - Where you live now (City/State)?

3- What is your role in Populace Gaming?

4- What made you want to raise money for charity?

5- How long have you been raising money for charity?

6- Favorite Game to play and stream?( 2 answers)

7- What is a goal you have for the year outside of charity fundraising?

8- What goal do you have for yourself for the Team

9- How do you want people to remember you?

10- How much money have you raised for charity over the last 5 years?

11- What drives you to continue to raise money? (Short Answer)


1- Brent S

 1-a- 37 Year old Father of 3, Photographer, Graphics Designer, Marketing Material Creator, and United States Marine.

2- La Puente, Ca - Rowland Heights, Ca

3- Founder/ Creator/ Streamer

4- The betterment of humanity one game at a time

5- 7 Years raising money for various charities

6- Mario Kart 64 / Overwatch

7- Purchase a new home

8- To create the Populace Gaming Foundation

9- I would like People to remember me for the good that I was able to do and for the lives we are changing through charitable gaming and scholarships

10- I have raised over $10K for the Children’s Hospital and over the past 5 years.  

11- When someone finds their purpose in life it consumes them like a fire. The fire to help others burns bright inside of me and through all the fundraising and gaming, my main goal is to light the spark of that same fire in others. I see the flames that can be ignited in people, and I want to help them see it in themselves. My goal is to create a foundation that helps these champions of the hospital not only find the care they need, but also help them in their pursuit of greater things outside of their illness. We are the fire that will ignite the spark to show people that even a lone person can make a difference in the world, so why not let that person be me.